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Shower Sets

Shower sets with self closing tap are used in public showers to save water. We are talking about swimming pools, saunas, sports complexes, hotels, beaches etc.

They are virtually indispensable in the places with a limited supply of fresh water, we are talking about transport, mobile housing and sanitation facilities.

Shower uses the same principle as a self closing basin tap. When you click on, it gives about 1÷1,5 liters of water during about 20 seconds.

The kit may include self closing tap, recessed faucet, shower head, accessories. Shower head can also be with a metering device, button that cut off water supply.
Portion shower systems assemble from high quality Italian components.

Shower set 005
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee - 1 year
Price - 6600 rub. Read more  

Shower set 004
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee - 1 year
Price - 3400 rub. Read more  
Self closing button
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee - 1 year
Price - 3200 rub. Read more