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Mobile water supply systems

Company KDS produces mobile water supply systems.

Density, the opportunity to place the units of the system maximum convenient, energy efficiency are the mail features that makes possible to use water supply system on any mobile object, temporary buildings and transport.

The system can be supplied as a separate, compact unit, which must be only connected to a cold water source (tank, well or water main) and power supply.
Hot and cold water supply system.

Compact, easily fi tted system provides supply of hot and cold water in all places where the urban water supplies is not available. Maintain hot water temperature in the range 60÷70°C. Provides output pressure 1,2-3,0 bar.

Fields of application:
- road, sea, rail and air transport
- traveling exhibition and sports facilities
- medical and scientifi c laboratory on wheels
- food and retail shops on wheels

System consists of a boiler, water pump, hydro accumulator and the control unit, which performs automatic control of the system. The system is equipped with pressure sensors and liquid level sensors, controls the pressure, temperature and level of the water in the boiler system. All the components in contact with water are certified for use with potable water.

Available in various capacities and boiler volume. The power source can be one-or three-phase alternating current, and constant voltage 110V. Control unit provides an indication of system pressure, water temperature, and all possible errors.