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Vacuum toilet systems: Villages

Ecological and efficient in performance vacuum toilet systems really justified if to install the system for several houses. Expensive vacuum equipment is very affordable and comparable in cost to conventional sewerage systems.

At the same time low water consumption is significantly reduced not only in clear water, but also on waste water, which is ten times lower than in the conventional system.
A great convenience in installation of vacuum systems provide a small diameter pipes, the absence of any grades and anу arrangement of blocks of the system.

Vacuum toilet system works by creating a vacuum in the pumps. Under vacuum waste water from toilets all accumulate in the intermediate tank, and then moved into the storage tank, septic tank or sewage system. The water in this case has purely washing function and serves no way to transport waste products.

Individual approach, a decade of experience and our own production allow us to work on a client with maximum potential, to create the most suitable systems for a particular customer.