We can save your water

The toilet in the building without sewer

The use of vacuum toilet systems is justified in buildings and temporary objects:
- In mobile objects (concerts, exhibitions, sports)
- Mass Events
- Objects with a small amount of fresh water
- Buildings with complex architecture
- Cottage settlements
- Sites where waste dumping is not allowed to the sewers

Considerable water saving and thus reduce of waste water at an average for 10 times make vacuum toilet system indispensable in desert areas, on islands, in the northern regions of permafrost.

Vacuum toilet sewer pipes have much smaller diameter than in a traditional toilet. Installation of the pipes can be at any angle, even vertically upward. All blocks of the system can be installed most convenient for the customer. All these advantages allow to embed the system in almost any building with a complex architecture, in ready objects, in compact or mobile facilities.

Energy and water saving, automatic control of the system by the control unit gives a great advantage when used on any mobile objects. Blocks of the system specially developed for use in aggressive environments, made of corrosion resistant materials. Therefore, we guarantee the purity and comfort when using the toilet complex at concert venues, exhibition halls, sports events.

Great experience, personal and comprehensive approach enables us to meet the interests of any kind of clients. Vacuum toilet systems and water supply systems allow to save energy and water, give us a chance to create integrated solutions, designed to preserve the purity of the environment and save energy resources.