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Sensor faucets

Automatic sensor faucets are relevant against the backdrop of a comprehensive water saving. Convenience, ease of use and aesthetic appearance make them indispensable in restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, saunas, and other public places.

The power supply ensures uninterrupted operation of the mixer for a year with a load of 300 operations per day. Sensor mixer can also be powered from electric main with a transformer.

Automatic faucets save water in a distance. Located in the mixer infrared sensor reacts to the presence of arms in the area of sensor sensitivity. Automatically opens and closes the water supply.

Automatic fausets provide complete hygiene. To open or close the water it is not necessary to touch the mixer at all.

Sensor faucets are made from high quality brass. Accessories for mixers are manufactured in Italy, at our request, with our recommendations and requirements, which provide reliable performance of products in the Russian conditions, taking into account water quality.

Sensor fauset IS-01
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee - 1 year
Price - 7500 rub. Read more  

Sensor fauset IS-03
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee - 1 year
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Sensor fauset ISP-01
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee - 1 year
ЦЕНА - 8450 rub. Read more