We can save your water

Vacuum toilet systems

Vacuum toilet systems are perfect in terms of ecology. Lack of smell and low water flow permit use it on trasport:

  • passanger vagons
  • sea and river ships
  • sea platforms
  • airplanes
  • buses
  • mobile complexes and laborotories

Vacuum toilet's sewer lines consists of tube with little diameter in distinction from standard toilet. Installation of the lines can be made at any angle even vertically up.

Another aspect is water economy. Vacuum toilet use 0.5 litre of water per flush.
Electricity economy and automatic control give a great advantage when used in transport. Subsystems specially developed for use in an aggressive environment, and made of corrosion resistant materials.

The vacuum pump that designed for given application, today practically has no analogues in performance and level of reliability.

KDS Company , developed a new toilet system with an intermediate tank, which has much more high performance. This system eliminates vacuum the storage tank, which reduces power consumption and cost of the system. Reduced requirements for accumulation tank, as well as possible direct discharge to sewer.