We can save your water

Self closing mixers and taps

Self closing mixers, portion fauset or tap-dispenser, are the names of device, which effectively save water. This is especially true in public places.

After clicking on the mixer produces approximately 400 gr. Of water and closes automatically. Portion of water flow out during 8-10 seconds, it allows safely wash hands.

Self closing mixers provide hygiene. To press the button you need to touch only once - before you wash your hands.

Self closing fausets are able to adjust the temperature by means of device that mixes hot and cold water. Portion tap running cold water only.

Self closing fausets are made of high quality brass. Accessories for mixers are manufactured in Italy, at our request, with our recommendations and requirements, which provide reliable performance of products in Russian conditions, taking into account water quality.

Self closing fauset SP-03
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee - 1 year
Price - 3800 rub. Read more  

Self closing fauset SP-01
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee- 1 year
Price - 4100 rub. Read more  
Self closing tap KP-01
Produser - LLC KDS
Guarantee- 1 year
Price - 2700 rub. Read more